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The Cooperative Experience

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The Loft School’s cooperative preschool program offers parents and children the opportunity to be involved in education together. By becoming part of a cooperative school you are investing in your child’s first learning experience.

Classroom participation is the main key area where Loft families experience education together. Parent helping on your child’s “Special Day” in the preschool classroom is required on a rotating basis (approximately once every 4 weeks). Volunteer parent helping is welcomed in the Pre-K classroom.

As part of the Loft community, parents are encouraged to participate in the fundraising efforts which are planned throughout the year and/or volunteer time to serve on a committee designed to help the school run smoothly and efficiently.

In a cooperative effort, one parent from each family is asked to join the teachers (2x per year) in a few hours of scrubbing and cleaning to ensure our classroom and playground areas are clean and safe.

Our May Annual Meeting involves required attendance for some brief Loft business but more importantly, serves as a year-end celebration for parents and teachers to come together and look back on a special year at Loft.

As you become involved in your son or daughter’s experience at Loft, the time you spend talking with new friends at a Pot Luck dinner or helping to plan a Loft Fair or cleaning paint brushes in your child’s classroom will feel like time well spent.

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